Reference Load Injector is used for Load Testing and runs just 1 virtual user (reference user). This user represents an outside visitor that will examine device availability during the test. Since the server runs only one user there is no significant CPU load. This excludes the Reference Load Injector hardware impact on test execution and session duration. Thus, you can use the reference data while test results interpreting.

Also, in the case of the Web Application and Web Page tasks, we will capture video of task executions for that reference user in the way it appears via a user interface for an outside visitor. You can use a captured video for further review and analysis.

By default, we do not activate a Reference Load Injector when the Auto Distribution mode is enabled for Load Injector Geo Distribution. If you manually configure Load Injector Geo Distribution, we will activate a Reference Load Injector for the first geographical zone in the list. User can activate a Reference Load Injector for all other zones manually. If you don’t need to use a Reference Server for a particular zone, you can turn it off in the zone settings.