Device states indicate the current monitoring status of the devices. Device states update in real time based on the monitoring results received for the devices.

The easiest way to see a device’s state is to check the Status column on the Device Manager list. Note that you can filter the list of devices by state by selecting the corresponding checkbox in the Filters area.

Dotcom-Monitor uses four device states described below.

OK state identifies devices that are currently not reporting monitoring errors.

Note that you can filter out errors of a specific type and code from monitoring results. To do this, configure the Error Filter for a monitoring device in the device settings.

Alerting state is applied to a device when an error was exposed during the monitoring process, and an alert was generated in accordance with the alert Filters. Note that if the Notification Groups are not configured and assigned to the device, we will not send alert notifications when the device enters the Alerting state. Find more details on how alerting works in the Getting Started with Alerts article.

With Errors state is applied to a device when Dotcom-Monitor detects an error during monitoring, but the error does not meet the alert Filters criteria and no alerts are generated.


Let’s say a filter is assigned to a device to ignore errors that are confirmed by less than two monitoring locations (e.g., the errors originating from a China-based location). If Dotcom-Monitor detects an error reported from only one location during the monitoring process, the error will be ignored by the alerting system and no alerts will be generated. In this case, the device will be in the With Errors state till one more monitoring location confirms the error. Once the error matches the alert Filter criteria, the alert will be generated and the device state will be changed to Alerting.

Not Active state generally indicates that no monitoring responses are detected for a device and can be assigned in several cases:

  • Device monitoring was paused by a user and the device status is set to Postponed.
  • Device monitoring is Disabled when the related monitoring platform subscription has expired or been deactivated by a user.
  • Device settings require configuration and the device status is set to Needs Configuration. It may happen when devices do not contain any tasks, some critical configuration issues were detected or an EveryStep script is under approval by the Dotcom-Monitor team.