The MetricsView Linux monitoring service allows users to set thresholds for data from Collectd performance counters and set alerts when those thresholds are exceeded. A “MetricsView Agent” (aka, MV-Agent) is an application installed locally on your server as a service that gathers the Collectd statistical data. The MV-Agent provides access to Collectd Linux performance counter data from the local machine where the MV-Agent is installed, as well as any machine available on an adjoining network. The configured Linux performance counter monitoring is stored as a task within a MetricsView device. An MV-Agent gathers Linux statistics values at approximately 45-second intervals. Therefore, the number of Linux statistic values gathered within a data set depends on the monitoring frequency. For example, if the monitoring frequency is once-per-3-hours, then 240 Linux statistic values will be gathered within that 3-hour time interval (10,800 secs in 3 hours/45-sec. intervals= 240 WPC values). The configuration of the monitoring task is where the specific intervals, data aggregation, and collection is set-up, including:

  • Maximum – the highest value will be taken
  • Average – value is calculated as an average of all intermediate WPC values
  • Minimum – the lowest value is taken