The Dotcom-Monitor mobile app is now available for iPhone and Android devices. Download for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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Learn how to use Dotcom-Monitor mobile application to get access to your monitoring devices and results from anywhere using your mobile device.

Make sure you have monitoring devices created and configured in your Dotcom-Monitor account on before you start using the mobile application.

Key Features

Dotcom-Monitor mobile application provides Dotcom-Monitor users with quick access to their accounts and monitoring data on the website. The Dotcom-Monitor mobile app allows users to perform the following tasks:

  • Review the list of monitoring devices created in your Dotcom-Monitor account.
  • Check device configuration details including device status, number of tasks, frequency, related package info, monitoring locations, and assigned notification groups, schedules, and filters.
  • Run and pause selected monitoring devices.
  • Check performance report summary and monitoring logs by location.
  • Disable alerts for selected devices for a specific period of time.
  • Receive push notifications from Dotcom-Monitor. Learn how to set up push notifications in the Enable Mobile Push Notifications for Dotcom-Monitor App article.
  • Contact the technical support team.

Note that changing monitoring device settings is not supported by the app. To configure monitoring and get full access to all Dotcom-Monitor features, use the website.

Login to Dotcom-Monitor Account

Once you downloaded and started the app, you will be prompted to log in to your Dotcom-Monitor account. To log in, use your Dotcom-Monitor user credentials.

If your Dotcom-Monitor account administrator has enabled Single Sign-On (SSO) for your account, you can sign in with your SSO PIN by tapping SSO Login at the bottom of the login screen.

To access the user profile menu, tap the profile icon displayed within the top action menu. You can switch between accounts and set up a PIN for the app from the menu.

Filtering and Sorting Devices

You can sort the device list by name, status, and the time of the last monitoring by selecting a necessary option at the top of the list.

To show the devices with a particular status or filter the list by monitoring platform and task type, tap the filter icon on the bottom of the list and set the required filters.

Starting and Stopping Monitoring

You can start or postpone monitoring for an individual device or select several devices and change their status at once.

To change a device monitoring status, tap and hold the device name in the Devices list and select the corresponding action at the bottom of the screen:

  • To activate monitoring for the device, tap Run Now.
  • To stop monitoring, tap Postpone.

To change the status of multiple devices, select the corresponding devices in the list of devices and tap Enable to activate monitoring or Postpone to pause monitoring for the selected devices.

Disabling Alerting

To stop receiving alert notifications, you can silence alerts for an individual device or several devices for up to 24 hours.

To temporarily disable alerting for a device, tap and hold the device name in the list and tap Alert Silence on the bottom of the Devices screen. Next, select the period of time you want to mute alert notifications for.

To silence multiple devices at once, select the devices you wish to silence. Then, tap Alert Silence and select the silence period.

To enable alerting for a device or a group of devices, use the Resume Alerts option from the Alert Silence menu.

Viewing Device Settings

To view device settings, tap and hold the device name in the Devices list and tap Device Info at the bottom of the screen.

The settings are available for review only. You can change the device settings in your account on the website.

From within the Device Info screen, you can manage the device status and alert notifications. Use the action buttons on the bottom of the screen:

  • To start monitoring immediately, tap Run Now.
  • To temporarily pause monitoring, tap Postpone.
  • To silence device alerts for up to 24 hours, tap Alert Silence.

Accessing Monitoring Results

To pull the report, tap a device in the list. Switch between the Summary and Log tabs to review overall performance data and monitoring results by location.

To view the device settings, tap the device name at the top of the report screen.

Setting a PIN

To secure access to the Dotcom-Monitor mobile application on your mobile phone, you can create a PIN for the app from within the user profile menu.

Contacting Support

To start a new chat, tap the chat icon displayed within the top action menu.