To configure a multi-step test of a web application you need to record a test script using the EveryStep Scripting Tool. You can create a new script, import a script into the EveryStep Scripting Tool recorder from an existing test or upload it from a local machine.

Recorded Script

The field displays the script that was recorded using EveryStep Scripting Tool. To edit the script, click the Edit Script button, and modify the script.

Scripting Mode

This field displays the browser type selected in the script, device type, and recording resolution.

Time Validation Threshold (in seconds)

Enter the time in seconds you expect your script should be completed in case you would like to receive an error if this threshold is exceeded. 

There are several default system timeouts:

Navigation timeout 120 seconds By default, the system will wait for 120 seconds to complete navigation to a web page. If navigation isn’t completed in 120 seconds the action is aborted and error is generated.  The script execution will continue.
User Action timeout 50 second The system will wait for 50 seconds to complete a user action (click, select, etc.). If the user action isn’t completed in 50 seconds the action is aborted and error is generated. The script execution will continue.
Script Execution timeout 15 minutes By default, the system will wait for script execution result fro 15 minutes. If the script execution is not finished in 15 minutes it will be aborted. Script execution is fully aborted either on a successful run or in case of reaching the timeout.

Once the script has been created, you have to configure a load test scenario.