Tags enable you to mark, filter, and easily search for a related type of LoadView test scenario and report. For example, you can filter and search for test reports based on a test scenario target.

Creating a Tag

The Tag Manager allows you to create a new tag and configure its settings. You can access Tag Manager under the Manage menu > Tags.

To add a new tag:

  1. Click New Tag.
  2. Type in a tag name. We recommend using short names to make it easier to distinguish the names in the list.
  3. Select a color of a tag mark to highlight the tag name in the item list. Use unique colors to make it easier to scan the item list.
  4. Save changes.

Once added, a tag name will be listed in the Tag Manager list and available for tagging test scenarios and reports.

You can edit and delete a tag from the system at any time.

Before you delete a tag from the system, make sure it will not affect the associated items.

Tagging Objects

Dotcom-Monitor supports tags for test scenarios and reports.

  1. To tag an item, hover over the item in the list.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon to open the Show Actions menu.
  3. Select the Tag As action from an item’s action menu.
  4. In the Tags list, you can select from already added tags or create a new one by clicking the Manage Tags link on the bottom of the list. You can add as many tags as necessary to an item.
  5. Save Changes.

Once changes have been applied, the newly added tag(s) will be displayed next to the item name in the item list.

For bulk tagging, select the appropriate items in your list and use the corresponding bulk action menu on the top of the list.

Using Tags for Searching and Filtering

To search for all items with a specific tag, click the tag name next to the corresponding item name in the list.

You can also use the tags filter to filter by tags in any search. To do this, click the Tag filter on the Filters sidbar and select the tag(s) that correspons your needs.