It’s likely that you use the same login credentials to access multiple web applications monitored by Dotcom-Monitor. Monitoring management can be tricky when it comes to changes in the login credentials, especially when the changes are made quite often. When it’s time to change the login and password, you have to go through each script that is using the same credentials to update the values.

To deal with this issue, use Crypt variables to store and change shared credentials centrally. This way, you don’t have to edit the monitoring scripts individually. The only thing that you need to do is to edit shared variables values once within the corresponding Crypt. New login credentials will be passed to the scripts automatically once the variables have been updated in the Crypt.

Follow the steps below to manage the monitoring in the described case:  

  1. Go to Configure > Secure Vault, and within the same Crypt, create variables for the shared login and password. For more details, see Secure Vault.
  2. Use the shared variables in the related monitoring scripts. For more details, see Working with Crypt Variables in EveryStep Recorder.

To centrally change login credentials, edit the associated Crypt variables.