Dotcom-Monitor – About Us

Award Winning Web Monitoring Services – Since 1998

Hang around us for any length of time and you’re bound to hear it. The Dotcom-Monitor mantra: Web monitoring technology is more than an important tool or service, it’s a commitment to world-class excellence designed so “Monitoring makes your Internet better.


Dotcom-Monitor’s award-winning monitoring service is recognized around the world as an industry leader. Some of our innovative “firsts” include:

  • 1-minute monitoring
  • The industry’s first WYSIWYG application monitoring script recorder
  • “Image match” transaction monitoring
  • IPv6 monitoring
  • Phone-based alerts
  • And…much more
Make Your Internet Better

Dotcom-Monitor solutions uncover website problems and provide you with answers that “Make your Internet better.” Our services uncover problems, provide answers, and help you continually improve the performance and availability of your website and web applications. Our commitment to helping our customers excel is why we have clients who’ve been with us for more than a decade.

Trusted by Thousands of IT Professionals

Thousands of IT professionals rely on our externally-based monitoring services to provide data that is as close to the “raw data” of the Internet as possible.

We offer compelling capabilities like “image matching” within a real browser, element level trend charting, video capture of website and web application errors, visual traceroute and more.  All tasks are completed using our consistent world-wide monitoring locations sitting on the backbone of the Internet.

Our customers love receiving the most accurate view of how their web transactions and applications perform within the context of a real user’s experience from nearly every region of the world.

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American Intercontinental University Online
University of Massachusetts
ITT Technical Institute
Roanoke College
Trinity International University