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Harnessing the capability of the cloud, the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, global testing locations and raw data, we are giving the most accurate view of user experience and solving global business challenges.

We believe the world is constantly changing and our software must evolve and give deeper insight to ensure people have faster access, are more aware, and are even more connected than ever before.

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Innovative Firsts

  • First Company to Introduce One Minute Monitoring
  • Introduced the Industry’s First WYSIWYG Application Monitoring Script Recorder
  • “Image Match” Transaction Monitoring
  • Monitoring of IPv6 
  • Phone-Based Alerts
  • Dotcom-Monitor is still the only platform that allows for Load Testing of Websockets

Our mission is to give our customers cutting edge features such as “image matching” within a real browser, element level trend charting, video capture of website and web application errors and instant visual traceroutes, all completed by our consistent world-wide monitoring locations, sitting on the backbone of the Internet.

Our customers depend on receiving the most accurate view of how their web devices perform within the context of a real user’s experience – from nearly every region of the world.

Partners & Integrations

Web monitoring technology is more than an important tool
or service, it’s a commitment to world-class excellence.
Dotcom-Monitor partners with select leading companies
to deliver added value and ensure that our monitoring is
“Making Your Internet Better.”

Make your digital
world stand out.

Dotcom-Monitor offers solutions that uncover website problems and provide you with answers that will “Make Your Internet Better.” Our services uncover errors and problems, provide answers and help you continually improve the performance and availability of your website and web applications. Our commitment to helping our customers excel has built lifelong relationships with businesses both big and small.


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