LoadView Enterprise plan is an annual subscription-based plan that provides flexibility to tailor your LoadView subscription, depending on your unique load testing needs.

The LoadView Enterprise plan starts from 3000 LI hours issued to your load testing resource balance effective immediately upon subscription. For extra-large load tests, we can customize the plan to increase the amount of load testing resources.

To add more resources to the account balance immediately, the Boost option can be used anytime during your Enterprise subscription period.

The Enterprise subscription includes the following:

On-subscription resource issue from 3000 LI Hours
Unlimited Boost 300 LI Hours  ($900 per boost)
Free professional engineering services 4 hours

Enterprise Pricing (US Dollars)

  • Enterprise Subscription fee starts from $10188/annually.
  • On-Time Boost Fee: $900

The Enterprise plan can’t be enabled automatically. Please contact us to get more information on the Enterprise plan, activate the subscription, or request the subscription customization based on your load testing needs.