Our Global Monitoring Network

Understand functionality & performance from multiple locations around the world. Know where errors originate and take quick action to correct.

Global Monitoring Locations

Monitoring Location XML String
US: California, USA CA, USA
US: California, USA IPv6 Only CA, USA (IPV6)
US: Seattle, USA WA, USA
US: Texas, USA TX, USA
US: Colorado, USA CO, USA
US: Minneapolis, USA MN, USA
US: Florida, USA FL, USA
CA: Montreal, Canada Montreal, Canada
US: Washington, D.C., USA VA, USA
US: New York, USA NY, USA
US: Amazon Cloud – East Coast, USA Amazon-US-East
AR: Buenos Aires, Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
UK: London, UK London, UK
FR: Paris, France Paris, France
NL: Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands
DK: Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark
FR: Frankfurt, Germany Frankfurt, Germany
PL: Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland
ZA: Johannesburg, South Africa South Africa
IL: Tel Aviv, Israel Tel-Aviv, Israel
IN: Mumbai, India Mumbai, India
CN: Hong Kong, China Hong Kong, China
CN: Beijing, China Beijing, China
CN: Shanghai, China Shanghai, China
JP: Amazon Cloud – Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan
AU: Sydney, Australia Sydney, AU
AU: Brisbane, Australia Brisbane, AU
ES: Madrid, Spain Madrid, Spain

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