The Frequency parameter determines how often a device is monitored and is available for configuring on the Monitoring tab within the device interface. The parameter can be set to once per three hours, two hours, one hour, 30-minutes, 15-minutes, 10-minutes, 5-minutes, 3-minutes, or once per 1-minute. Free Trial accounts frequency is once per 4 hours.

A monitoring frequency is defined by the time period between the moment Dotcom-Monitor receives a response from a monitoring agent location and the initiation of a new monitoring session.

For example, if you record a script using the EveryStep Scripting Tool that signs into a website, walks through a catalog and simulates purchasing an item, the entire script may take several minutes to replay including server response time, page rendering, and performing the actions you script on each page.  If you have selected a frequency of 1-minute monitoring, but your script takes 3 minutes to complete, the monitoring system will wait to initiate subsequent monitoring tasks until either the initial step has completed or has timed out.  Thus, you may not see a monitoring result recorded every minute.  Rather you will see a result recurring at intervals equal to the length of time it takes to complete the scripted task.

For more information on the monitoring algorithm and duration of a monitoring session, see Monitoring Algorithm.