MetricsView platform has variety of task types. Find Task JSON Samples with fields descriptions in the corresponding articles:

Linux Performance Counter and SNMP Counter objects are similar to the Custom Collector object and can be managed using the API references from the API: MetricsView Custom Collector Methods article of our Knowledge Base.

Each type of the task has it’s own Task_Type_Id, which has to be specified within JSON object.

Potential values for Task_Type_Id
Task Type Description Task_Type_Id
Windows Performance Counter Provides the ability to monitor a test or production environment using data from the Windows Performance Counter (WPC). 23
SNMP Collector Monitoring SNMP capable devices. See the SNMP Monitoring article for more information. 27
Linux Collector Monitoring of a test or production environment using data from the Collectd Linux Performance Counter. 28
MetricsView Custom Collector Allows to gather and aggregate data from any counter on any system. See the Understanding MetricsView Custom Collectors article for more information. 26