Load/Stress Testing

Real browser-based load testing for websites, web applications, and APIs.

LoadView by Dotcom-Monitor is an on-demand, cloud-based load testing platform for websites, web applications, and APIs.

Load Testing

Flexible Performance Testing for DevOps

The LoadView platform packs powerful enterprise functionality and features in a cloud model.

Real Browser-Based Testing

Unlike many load testing tools that simply use a headless browser, LoadView has the ability to run load tests in real browsers, giving you true performance into how your websites and applications perform under heavy load in real browsers.
real browser testing
everystep web recorder ria image options

Point and Click Scripting Tool

Easily create multi-step scripts with the EveryStep Web Recorder. With support for over 40 desktop/mobile browsers and devices, and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) such as AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5, Silverlight, and Ruby, you can move and click through your site, simulating real user behavior.

Three Powerful Load Test Curves

Depending on your testing requirements, you can choose from a Load Step Curve, Goal-based Curve, or Dynamic Adjustable Curve, giving you more customization and flexibility to test today’s most complex applications. 

loadview load curves
loadview load injectors

Global, Distributed Load Testing

LoadView utilizes Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform servers located in 13 zones throughout the United States, Canada, APAC, South America, and Europe.

Comprehensive Performance Metrics

LoadView reports provide a session overview, along with relevant performance metrics such as average and maximum response times, errors and error types, number of sessions, video capture, and waterfall charts to dive deeper into individual elements.
loadview performance metrics

Plans & Pricing That Fit Your Business

Whether you need continuous load testing throughout the year, or just need to run a single, one time test, LoadView has subscription and on-demand plans that scale to your needs.

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