You can use to be notified of changes in your Dotcom-Monitor device statuses. Dotcom-Monitor integration with allows you to push notifications to every time a device changes its status in Dotcom-Monitor. See also Device States Explained.

To set up the integration, you will need to have an active account with If you don’t have a account, please visit and create a new one prior to the next steps.

Integration Setup

On the Dotcom-Monitor side:

  1. Log in to your Dotcom-Monitor Account and go to Manage > Delivery Address Groups.
  2. Select the notification group assigned to the device you want to post messages from. Alternatively, you can create a new group and assign it to the device.
  3. On the Edit screen, in the Delivery Address section, click Add and select as a new address type.
  4. Switch to the to provide all the required information in the Delivery Address setup window.

On the side:

To set up the Dotcom-Monitor Delivery Address, you will need to provide Status Page IDAPI ID, and API Key. To update the status of your status page component automatically on changes in the associated Dotcom-Monitor device status, you will need to specify the corresponding Component ID and Container ID.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. On your dashboard, from the left sidebar, select APIDeveloper API.
  3. Click the Display API Credentials button.
  4. Copy the Status Page IDAPI ID, and API Key to the Dotcom-Monitor Delivery Address settings.
  5. Click Infrastructure from the left sidebar. Choose the component you want to update and select Modify > Automatic Status Updates > API. Copy the Component ID and Container ID to Dotcom-Monitor Delivery Address settings.

To select when the notification must be pushed to, go to the Advanced Settings section in the Dotcom-Monitor Delivery Address settings and choose one of the trigger events:

  • Alerting: An error event that triggered the alerting system and changed the device state to alerting. Note that the alerting state is triggered only if the group alerting is set for a device. Read our comprehensive device alerting overview for more details.
  • OK: An uptime alert event, when the device leaves the alerting state. An uptime alert is an automated message that can be configured to be sent to recipients once a device has left an error state and all detected errors have been resolved. Read more in our Uptime Alerts Knowledge Base article.
  • Alerting & OK: An alert notification will be generated for both error and error-resolved events.

To learn more about the Notification Group setup, please see the Creating a New Notification Group article of the Knowledge Base.