public class CompiledScript : MarshalByRefObject, ITab


CertificateFilter Provides certificate parameters for certificate filter rules.
Console Supports the browser’s DevTools Console monitoring.
context Represents a dynamic variable.
NetworkFilter Supports network filters.
Vault Represents a script parameter converted to a Crypt Variable.


СurrApp Provides method calls to the playback engine.
NetworkResponseModifier Sets a series of monitoring and alerting rules based on specific content, domain name, and error type.
PictureList Gets or sets a picture massive available within the script execution context.
Tabs Gets or sets current tab parameters.
VideoCapture Sets the video capture mode: pause/resume video recording while executing script in a browser window.


CertificateWarningHandler Certificate Handler allows bypassing any certificate warnings so they don’t affect the overall monitoring process.
ConfirmDialogHandler Confirm Handler implements Javascript confirm method.
Delay Adds programmed pause between steps in the monitoring script execution process.
LogonDialogHandler Handles Basic access authentication.
OpenFileDialogHandler Handles a file upload dialog that opens on a mouse click on the <input type=”file”> element.
SetCookieForUrl Adds specified cookies to all requests from Dotcom-Monitor.
StartNetworkBodyAnalyzer Allows verification of the response body content received from the target web page elements.
StartNetworkURLAnalyzer Monitors URLs of every element on monitored web pages.
StartNetworktTimeWatcher Measures load time of network elements during the execution of a certain range of steps within a monitoring script, grouped by type.
StartScriptTimeWatcher Measures the time of execution for a specified part of a script.
Step Method for aggregation and further logical division of a script into parts, including logical division in reports.
StopAnalyzer Stops analyzer called before.
StopTimeWatcher Stops watchers called before.