Average Response Time is calculated as an average of durations of the web transactions simulated on the target website at a given time interval:

Av.Response Time = ∑  time of transaction duration / the number of transactions started

Where a transaction is a sequence of completed operations performed on a web resource by a visitor or a sequence of HTTP(S) requests and replies. Time of transaction duration is a time elapsed from the moment the transaction is started at to the moment it is completed. As an example of a transaction we can consider a sequence of such operations as loading a web page, logging in to the site, navigating to another page and submitting a web form.

In the case of the Web Applications tests created with the EveryStep Scripting Tool the user behavior delays will be included in transaction duration.

Note that the user behavior delays are NOT included in transaction duration in the case of other types of load tests: HTTP(S), Web Page, Streamong Media, Soap Web Api, Rest Web Api and Postman Collection.

A transaction duration time DO NOT include a browser launch and shutdown time.