To configure the integration with AlertOps, you must have an active Dotcom-Monitor account and an active AlertOps account.

On the AlertOps side:

  1. Log in to your AlertOps account.
  2. From the side menu, click Manage > Integrations, and then select Inbound Integrations from the sub-menu.
  3. Select API tab and click ADD API INTEGRATION.
  4. Select Dotcom-Monitor from the pre-built Integration Templates.
  5. Configure and save basic integration settings.
  6. Go to the Advanced Settings tab, then into the URL Mapping section.
  7. In the Source ID field, specify “DeviceID.  The notifications will contain alerts from one monitoring device.
  8. For the Update Alert When condition, specify the SourceStatus parameter as “Down” to receive notifications as they are generated by Dotcom-Monitor.
  9. For the Open Alert When and Update Alert When parameters, specify the SourceStatus as “Test” to receive a test notification from Dotcom-Monitor.
  10. Once the integration has been configured, click COPY URL next to the newly created API URL.

By default, AlertOps notifications contain a general description of a problem detected while monitoring. To receive more detailed notifications, you can customize the Long Text field by specifying the necessary static and dynamic text in the field (Advance Settings > URL Mapping).

Long Text Example:

<b><Description></b> at <b><MonitoringLocation></b><br>

Please visit the following link for details:<br><Link>

On the Dotcom-Monitor side:

  1. Log in to your Dotcom-Monitor Account and go to Manage > Delivery Address Groups.
  2. Select the notification group assigned to the device you want to post messages from. Alternatively, you can create a new group and assign it to the device, if necessary.
  3. On the Edit screen, in the Delivery Address section, click Add and select AlertOps as a new address type.
  4. Paste the AlertOps API URL into the Integration URL field.
  5. Apply changes.

Note that Dotcom-Monitor Alert Template is not applied to the AlertOps notifications. Configure the long text message in the AlertOps Integration settings to customize a template of the alert notifications from Dotcom-Monitor.