Dotcom-Monitor offers different service lines, called solutions, to focus more on the particular needs and requirements of our clients. We provide three independent Dotcom-Monitor solutions:

Each Dotcom-Monitor account may include all three solutions. Depending on your goals and tasks in web performance testing, you can activate the corresponding solution at any time from within your Dotcom-Monitor account.

Let’s get an overview of the services offered by our Dotcom-Monitor solutions.


Our Monitoring solution allows you to get a comprehensive picture of web performance and availability trends by automatically monitoring a web resource with high frequency (from every three hours to every minute) 24/7 from global monitoring locations. Dotcom-Monitor software will constantly test your website for uptime, speed, and proper functionality. Moreover, if anything goes wrong, you are immediately notified through a number of channels. Comprehensive reports will give you test results from the end user’s perspective and allow you to keep tabs on performance issues. In addition, the solution allows configuring real-time dashboards, alert filter rules, monitoring schedules, etc.

Monitoring spans the following areas:

  • Servers including HTTP/S, email, DNS, VoIP/SIP, and performance counters
  • Network/port availability and performance including SNMP, UDP, DNS, and Ping
  • Website page load speed, including third-party element availability and performance
  • Applications including Flash, AJAX, Silverlight, HTML5, Java Applets, SOAP, and APIs
  • E-Commerce: availability, functionality, and performance of web transactions and web page content

Dotcom-Monitor offers flexible subscription plans for the Monitoring solution that allows you to pick a monitoring frequency the most efficient for your goals, from every three hours to once per minute.

Learn more about the Monitoring Algorithm and available Web Monitoring Types.

Load Testing

Our Load Testing solution provides load and stress testing services to test websites, web applications, and API performance under simulated user load. Simply put, load testing ensures the web resources can perform under an expected load or beyond. Knowing exactly how much your site or application can tolerate is critical for preparing for real-world user traffic, planning future updates, and improving the overall user experience.

Our Load Testing solution offers an on-demand plan and subscription plans that support up to 1,000,000 concurrent HTTP users and up to 100,000 concurrent browser users.

Learn more about Load Testing Online with LoadView.

Network Tools

Our Network Tools solution provides on-demand web performance testing of websites, web applications, and APIs. To automate the monitoring process, Network Tools can be configured to start monitoring checks once per day (every 24 hours) automatically.

Network Tools is a good choice if you need to monitor a large number of websites and want to be sure that the target websites are generally online and functioning. However, if you need to receive immediate alert notifications on issues detected while monitoring, it is recommended to use our Monitoring solution instead.

You can subscribe for a free-forever Network Tools package or use a paid account with up to 5,000 tests available per month. Learn more about Network Tools.