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Website Performance Monitoring
Starting At $7.99 per month

Continually monitor web page load times in IE, Chrome and Firefox
Monitoring Packages configured by desired tasks per month
Choose from 1 up to 200 tasks, or go ala carte and pay only for what you use
Monitor tasks every 3 hours (Green Package) or as often as every minute (Platinum Package)
Premium monitoring locations available, but not included
Free 30 day trial included, no credit card required


Enterprise Solutions Available. Contact us for special discounted pricing

Web Performance Monitoring

Plan Details

• Web Page Load Times
• Real Time Alerts
• Error Traceroute Reports
• Error Screenshot & Code Snippet
• In Depth Waterfall Charts
• Track Performance By Host
• Trend Analysis Reporting
• Chrome. IE, FireFox & Mobile Browser Speed Tests
• Alert Groups
• White Label Reports
• Custom Test Configurations
• Report Scheduling

Add On’s:
Record video on every run or
Add premium locations for as little as $2 / month


Monitor Web Application Functionality
Starting At $8.99 per month

Create and record scripts using the EveryStep Scripting Tool.
Upload to the Dotcom-Monitor cloud to automate testing.
Package – Ala Carte Account
Monitoring Packages configured by desired tasks per month & testing frequency.
Monitor from 10 up to 300 tasks.
Monitor tasks every 3 hours or as often as every minute from global locations.
Premium locations available but not included (add 25%).
Enterprise Solutions Available. Contact us for pricing.

Web Application Monitoring

Plan Details

• Script Recording Tool

• Video Playback & Analysis

• Web Form Functionality

• Shopping Carts

• AJAX Monitoring

• HTML5 Monitoring

• Flash Applications

• Multi-Step Web Transactions

• Custom Scripts

• RIA Picture Validation & Recording

• Track Mouse Movements & Keyboard Actions

• Simulate Real User Actions

• Response Codes

• Customizable Alerts & Reports

• Video Recording

• Waterfall Charts


Web & Network Uptime Monitoring
Starting At $16 per month

Verify availability of your servers and network services 24×7
Global monitoring locations
Custom alerts & alert schedules
Monitor availability, response times and create custom scripts
Access to custom API to monitor any metric
Send alerts via email, text message, to pagers or consoles
Package – Standard I
Monitoring Packages configured by desired tasks per month & testing frequency
Monitor from 1 up to 300 tasks
Monitor tasks every 15 minutes or as often as once per minute
Premium monitoring locations available but not included (add 25%)
Extended storage available for up to 3 years at a fixed rate
Enterprise Solutions Available. Contact us for pricing.

Web & Network Uptime Monitoring

Plan Details

• Web Infrastructure Monitoring

• Historical Data

• XML Data Feed


• Streaming Media

• Ping • VOIP • Email


• Traceroute

• FTP over SSH

• Streaming Media



• Round Trip Email

• ActiveSync Email

• Email Blacklist (DNSBL)


Port Availability


Load and Stress Testing
Starting At $9.99 per month

Load test a website or application with simultaneous user traffic from the cloud &
simulate real users from distinct geographic regions.
Package – Stress Test I
Testing Packages configured by desired load injectors
Price Per Load Test:
Each Load Injector: $4
HTTP Load: $0.01 per user per minute
Full Browser Load: $0.10 per user per minute
Flat monthly cost to store test result data: $9.99

Load and Stress Testing

Plan Details

• HTTP GET Request

• Test Using Real Browser Interactions

• Multi-step API HTTP POST

• Load test the login portal of your website

• Load test a single URL or Load test multiple steps through many URLs

• Track Performance By Host

• Trend Analysis Reporting

• “End User” Analysis

• Configure Alert Groups

• Custom Reports

• Custom Test Configurations

• Report Scheduling

Learn more about LoadView


Web Traffic & Server Performance Monitoring
Starting At $26.66 per month

Monitors & record metrics from Windows Performance Counters, Linux Performance Counters, SNMP data & custom data sources
Package – Standard I
Monitoring Packages configured by desired tasks and frequency of tests per month
Choose from 10 up to 200 tasks.
Monitor tasks every 15 minutes or as often as every minute
Enterprise Solutions Available. Contact us for pricing.

Web Traffic & Server Performance Monitoring

Plan Details

• Monitor the minimum, maximum or average value of Microsoft performance counters

• Monitor the minimum, maximum or average value of Linux performance counters

• Monitor SNMP V1, V2 and V3 compatible devices

• Gather data from your own sensors and feed custom metrics to your account

• In Depth Waterfall Charts

• Trend Analysis Reporting

• Configure Alert Groups

• Custom Reports

• Custom Test Configurations

• Report Scheduling

Why Choose
Your Very Own Expert Monitoring Team
You will work with Dotcom-Monitor’s team of web performance professionals who are focused on your business – call in and any member of our team will be able to help you. It’s like having your own performance monitoring team that just happens to work in our office. We always have someone ready to take your call and provide you with answers to questions big or small.
Powerful Performance Testing
Our services uncover problems, provide insight and help you continually improve the performance and availability of your website or web applications. Our commitment to helping our customers excel is why we have clients who’ve been with us for more than a decade. Get high-powered performance, dedicated resources and an easy-to-use dashboard with our all-in-one solution.
Customizable Plans For Every Business
We offer plans for businesses or individuals, large companies or small. Scalability has never been easier. No more throwing away money on resources you don’t need. IT professionals rely on our externally-based monitoring services to provide data that is crucial to day to day operations. We proudly work with some of the world’s most renowned companies.
Common Questions:

The EveryStep Scripting Tool™ is a free, downloadable program that automates the recording of a browser’s interactions with a website or web application. EveryStep scripts are used to set-up monitoring and load testing within Dotcom-Monitor, and can also be used on a local machine to automate quality assurance testing of web applications in development.

EveryStep Scripting Tool is used to record scripts for:

  • UserView Monitoring: Web application monitoring using a browser
  • UserView Monitoring-RIA: Web application monitoring that includes a need for “image verification” and/or dynamic web page elements, such as Silverlight, Flex, Flash, etc…
  • ServerView Monitoring: web application monitoring using an HTTP GET request process
  • LoadView Stress Testing: Load testing of web applications from worldwide monitoring agent locations

Download EveryStep for free and start recording scripts today.

There are significant differences between UserView Monitoring  and ServerView Monitoring.

UserView Monitoring utilizes a regular Internet Explorer browser to both record and then replay a multi-step path through an application, such as a shopping cart or log-in. Because UserView Monitoring uses a regular IE browser it is capable of emulating actual browser events during monitoring, such as: mouse clicks, text typing, and hovers. These events are executed by the UserView Monitoring browser. The regular browser aspect of UserView can be coupled with a virtual keyboard/mouse “picture match” technology, which enables the monitoring to step through very complex web applications running Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), including: SilverLight, Ajax, Flex, Flash, JavaScript, applets, add-ons, and other webpage objects that interact dynamically with a browser. Additionally, UserView is able to record a video capture of the page interaction as issues are detected.

ServerView Monitoring utilizes HTTP/HTTPS requests between a custom “synthetic” browser and the server to conduct monitoring. While ServerView Monitoring can also be recorded and replayed for monitoring applications, it is specifically useful when monitoring the server performance associated with a web application. Also, ServerView supports dynamic variables, cookies, secure sites. ServerView uses a custom process (not a regular browser) to replay the recorded steps, so it is not recommended for websites that heavily use RIAs, such as JavaScript or Ajax.

One way to check which type of monitoring is most appropriate is to simply test one of the pages that you want to monitor. If the page contains javascript, which may manipulate content or load it from your third party servers, then UserView Monitoring is recommended.

Both UserView and BrowserView will allow for video capture of every single monitoring session. Alternatively, they both can start recording on the first session that errors.

UserView Monitoring uses the EveryStep Scripting Tool to record interactions with websites that utilize WebSockets.  After recording your websocket monitoring script, you can upload it to the Dotcom-Monitor cloud and schedule monitoring from dozens of locations around the world.

Dotcom-Monitor provides 5 separate platforms:

ServerView Platform
UserView Platform
BrowserView Platform
LoadView Platform
MetricsView Platform

Each platform uses a distinct technology for specific uses. The platforms are purchased separately, but administered within a single unified Dotcom-Monitor interface.

Each account may have from one to five platforms enabled, or disabled and each platform has its own pricing. Pricing is defined by the technology used in the platform, the number of tasks in a platform, and the frequency of monitoring.
Standard pricing is all-inclusive. All reports, diagnostic tools, and the majority of standard monitoring locations are included in the standard price. In standard pricing the only extra costs are occurrence costs for SMS and Phone alerts.
There are additional costs for upgraded monitoring agent locations (South America, Buenos Aires, Australia, and Amazon-Japan) that start at as little as $.30/month for a la carte accounts, full-page download capability in ServerView HTTP(S) monitoring, and the Rich Internet Application (RIA) functionality within UserView Monitoring.

Two platforms – ServerView and UserView – are capable of conducting web application monitoring (shopping cart transactions, portal log-ins, filling out forms). However, the monitoring approach is different in each platform. Determining the platform needed is based on your specific requirements and the web application itself. See links to UserView Monitoring and ServerView Monitoring platforms above for detailed info.

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