Infrastructure Monitoring

Full end-to-end monitoring for total visibility into IT infrastructure health.

Monitor performance and functionality of multiple Internet services through a highly configurable platform.

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Comprehensive Infrastructure Monitoring

Everything you need to monitor uptime, performance, and functionality of your entire IT infrastructure.

Streaming Media

Monitors audio or video streaming services for performance, errors, and availability.

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FTP Server

Monitor FTP servers and protocols, including server availability, ability to login, and the existence of a specific directory or file.

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Monitor DNS performance and availability to ensure connectivity to your websites.

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Email Server

Verify availability and functionality of your Exchange, SMTP, and POP3/IMAP4 email servers, as well as DNS blacklist monitoring.

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Monitor phone numbers and verify SIP service availability by simulating actual calls.

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Monitor availability and response times of network protocols and ports, including ICMP Ping, UDP, traceroute, and TCP Port/Telnet.

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Continuous IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring agents are located around the world, providing immediate alerts and diagnostics when errors occur.


Tailored Alerts

Base your alerts on the metrics make sense for your business and set up alert groups to inform your team when significant changes occur.


Resolve Issues Quickly

Custom alerts sent to your team, along with the data they need to resolve the error, will maximize performance and keep your servers running.


Verify SLAs

Use infrastructure monitoring reports to verify when third-party vendors underperform. Have the server monitoring data required to prove performance.

Internal Server Monitoring

Use our Private Agents to monitor internal networks and servers not connected to the Internet or behind your firewall.


Internal Networks

Monitor web applications, websites, and network services behind a firewall or not accessible from outside the network with Private Agents.


End-to-End Monitoring

Private Agents can be deployed directly into a company’s network, not replacing the public monitoring agents, but instead extending the total reach of monitoring.


One Dashboard

Identify downtime or performance issues using detailed charts and graphs, shareable dashboards, and real-time or historic data.

Pricing for Infrastructure Monitoring

Internet Infrastructure

Servers & Protocols

starting at$39.95/mo

volume discounts apply

1 - 180min check frequency
Streaming Servers
Email Servers
DNS Blacklist
Telnet/Port Check
3-year Data Retention
30 Monitoring Locations

Contact us for higher volume discounts.

Premium Locations can be opted in addition to package options *.



15 min Standard10 min Advanced5 min Premium3 min Gold1 min Platinum

* Premium Locations fee – 25% of a package price.

Key Monitoring Features

Everything you need from an all-in-one monitoring platform – and more!

Instant Alerts

Always know how your services are performing. Customizable alert templates, mechanisms, and options allow you to setup and configure alert options that meet the needs of your business. Reduce mean time to repair by knowing exactly when and where users are experiencing issues.

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configurable reports

Configurable Reports

Identify the cause of downtime or performance issues through real-time dashboards, detailed waterfall charts, and element-level metrics. Track performance of all your monitored devices to ensure you’re meeting agreed upon SLA requirements.

Global Monitoring Network

Ensure global availability, speed, and performance from nearly 30 monitoring locations on a variety of major networks around the world. Quickly identify where performance issues originate. Take quick action to correct errors and ensure an optimal end-user experience.

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Your data, your way.  Interact with your monitoring data beyond the website interface using the XML feed to consume data and interact with the API to monitor and update your monitoring agents.

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