Find the guidelines on how to pull Online Reports for a device in the Running an Online Report article.

Once configured, Online Reports represents data on the set of tabs described in this article.

Online Reports: Overview

The tab provides a summary of the monitoring results including Performance chart with Response Time data, Uptime chart, Error chart with failures description and Session Log for each monitoring location.

Hovering over different areas of the charts brings up a tooltip with relevant information about the line or area.

Clicking to select an area on the charts will zoom in on the selected area.


Displays charts with Response Time Distribution by timestamp, location and by day of the week or hour of the day. Response Time is calculated through a monitor response time test.

Average Response Time and Standard Deviation value are provided in the Overall chart header.


Breaks down monitoring results into groups based upon similar consecutive responses such as a success or failure and represents the data on the pie chart with Uptime/Downtime percentage distribution and Uptime statistics chart. Find the algorithm of uptime calculation in Downtime/Uptime Percentages.


Provides statistics for sessions broken down by monitoring locations.

To show loading history for individual webpage elements at a specific location, click the location row in the log.

Filtering log entries

Log entries can be filtered by locations and response types (successful responses and failures):

  • To show only the sessions with a recorded video of task execution, select the Videos Only checkbox on the tab toolbar.
  • To show only steps with a specific traffic type (failed traffic, network traffic, etc.) or action type (e.g., mouse click), use the filters on the active location toolbar.

Playing video (Web Applications (UserView) and Web Pages (BrowserView) testing only)

The session execution video can be plaуed in the browser window. To show sessions with video available, select Videos Only filter. To access the detailed report with video, click the playback icon.


Pulling Performance Reports

To generate Performance Report with Waterfall chart for the selected session, click the chart icon.

Viewing comments

To review comments to the response if any, click the comment icon  in the additional details column.

Viewing failures

Depending on an error type additional information will be attached to the error description in the log.

Each time an error is detected by a remote Dotcom-Monitor agent location, it automatically executes a traceroute from that remote monitoring agent location to the target of the monitoring. To see a Visual Traceroute, expand the session for a detailed view and click the Trace link in the error raw. The link to DNS Traceroute is provided in the case of DNS Errors.


Represents charts with statistics on errors detected while monitoring. Errors are broken down by timestamp and location.


Lists the alerts generated while monitoring. To sort the entries in the list, click the corresponding column header.