Dotcom-Monitor provides a set of separate platforms:

Each platform uses a distinct technology for specific uses. The platforms are purchased separately but administered within a single unified Dotcom-Monitor interface.

  • Each account may have from one to five platforms enabled, or disabled.
  • Each platform has its own pricing. Pricing is defined by the technology used in the platform, the number of tasks in a platform, and the frequency of monitoring.
  • All platforms are managed from the same user interface.
  • Standard pricing is all-inclusive. All reports, diagnostic tools, and the majority of standard monitoring locations are included in the Standard price. In Standard pricing, the only extra costs are occurrence costs for SMS and Phone alerts.

There are additional costs for:

  • Premium Locations (Buenos Aires (South America), Sydney (AU), Brisbane (AU) Tokyo (Asia), Johannesburg (Africa))
  • the Record Video on Every Run feature
  • the Rich Internet Application (RIA) functionality within UserView monitoring

ServerView, WebView, and UserView platforms are capable of conducting web application monitoring (shopping cart transactions, portal log-ins, filling out forms). However, the monitoring approach is different in each platform. Determining the platform needed is based on your specific requirements and the web application itself.

See also the Userview vs. ServerView articles.