Global Reports can be accessed by navigating to Reports > Global Reports > Create Global Report.

When adding or editing a report, you will be prompted to adjust the following settings.

Report Name

Specifies a unique identifiable report name that will appear in the header of the report as well as in the Global Report list.


Defines if reporting is active or paused. The state can always be changed from Global Reports page.

Report type

Allows user to select a data type on which report will be focused on:

  • Overall Summary is focused on overall device statistics, such as Downtime Periods, Uptime by devices, Response time by devices in Seconds, Number of Successes and Failures Responses.
  • Overall Summary by Task is focused on tasks statistics, such as Number of Success and Failure responses, Response time, Resp. time STDev, Downtime and Uptime Percentage.
  • Metrics Overall displays a timeline; average, minimum, and maximum OTR values; and percentage of undefined and OTR.
  • Account Summary represents response time and uptime/downtime statistics for all existed devices in the account.


Select the frequency you wish to receive the report. Reporting frequency can be set to Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Report Format

Specify the document format: PDF or XLSX.

Response Filter

Select a filter to filter out results which you don’t want to receive in the report. (For example, a filter may contain a list of error codes which must be ignored).


Specify time periods to include or exclude in report calculations.

E-mail (optional)

Enter a custom mail address to deliver reports.


Select an existing group to receive the report.


Specify which devices should be included in the report (unavailable for the Account Summary option).