VideoCapture.SetMode Method


Allows you to switch video capturing mode. You can pause and resume video recording while executing web application monitoring and load testing sessions.

See more here.

public void SetMode(VideoMode mode)


 mode  VideoMode


Tabs.SetSize (1820, 263);
DMBrowser tab0 = null;
Step (1, "adidas Official Website | adidas US -");
tab0 = Tabs.NewTab ();
tab0.GoTo ("");
Tabs.SetSize (1820, 496);
//Stop video recording while executing Step 2
VideoCapture.SetMode (VideoMode.Off)
Step (2, "Image Operation");
tab0.PictureAssert (PictureList [0], 0.92, "1min".ToDuration ());
tab0.Element ("//A[normalize-space(@TITLE)=\"SHOP WOMEN\"]//SVG", "//A[normalize-space(@TITLE)=\"SHOP WOMEN\"]/SVG", "//SPAN[normalize-space()=\"SHOP WOMEN\"]/..//SVG").Click ();
//Restart video recording
VideoCapture.SetMode (VideoMode.On)
Step (3, "Up to 50% Off adidas Women's Black Friday 2021 Deals -");
Tabs.SetSize (1820, 222);
tab0.Element ("//H1[normalize-space()=\"JOIN THE CLUB. GET REWARDED WITH A 15% DISCOUNT\"]", "//H1[normalize-space(text())=\"JOIN THE CLUB. GET REWARDED WITH A 15% DISCOUNT\"]", "/HTML/BODY/DIV[2]/DIV/DIV[2]/DIV/DIV/DIV/DIV[2]/DIV/DIV/H1").Click ();