Load Injector Payload is the number of virtual users simulated per Load Injector Server (LI Server). Payload affects the number of LIs the test requires and influences CPU utilization of each LI.

You can set a custom Payload or apply the calibrated value while configuring a Load Test Scenario, in the Load Injector Payload section.

It is important that Payload will not be set too high or too low. If it’s set too high LIs will hit their CPU limit and not be able to emulate all the virtual users. If Payload is set too low, LIs are not going to be used fully while more LIs than you actually need will be used for the test.

Based on our experience, by default, we use the average Payload value that is optimal to the corresponding test type. However, it is recommended to calibrate your device to ensure ideal CPU utilization per LI (up to 70-80%) and efficient virtual user distribution between LIs.

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