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Monitoring more than 250,000 websites worldwide

Dish Network

Applications and Transactions

Synthetically monitor performance and functionality of pages, web applications and transactions from within a real browser.

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Server Performance

Monitor performance counters and server metrics such as CPU, memory and storage utilization for servers, routers and switches.

Server Monitoring »

Website Performance

Monitor page load performance at an element level and see website speed in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and mobile browsers.

Website Performance »

Web Servers & Services

Verify availability and performance of web services including HTTP, FTP, Email/Exchange, SOAP, APIs, DNS, SIP/VoIP and more.

Web Servers and Services »

Load/Stress Testing

Simulate hundreds of virtual users with on-demand load testing for website and multi-step transactions.

Load/Stress Testing »


Save time and hassle by automatically sending dotcom-monitor data, alerts, reports, and diagnostics to the web services you use most.

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Application Performance Monitoring

From Our Global Monitoring Network

Trace the root cause of application performance failures no matter where the issues originate.

dotcom-monitor initiates from outside of your network so you receive alerts, reports and diagnostics that accurately reflect the performance your users see from whatever region of the world they connect.

See the complete list of Dotcom-Monitor Network Location IP Addresses here.

Load and Stress Testing

Perform Large-Scale Load Testing From the Cloud
load view testing

Load/stress test your website, web application, or API instantly from Dotcom-Monitor’s global network.

dotcom-monitor has recently launched LoadView, an all-new load testing platform. LoadView offers a wide range of flexibility and scalability to accommodate virtually any testing requirements. To learn more about load testing and its benefits, visit

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