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Monitoring more than 25,000 websites worldwide

Dish Network

Applications and Transactions

Synthetically monitor performance and functionality of pages, web applications and transactions from within a real browser.

Web Application Monitoring »

Server Performance

Monitor performance counters and server metrics such as CPU, memory and storage utilization for servers, routers and switches.

Server Monitoring »

Website Performance

Monitor page load performance at an element level and see website speed in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and mobile browsers.

Website Performance »

Web Load / Stress Testing

Simulate hundreds of virtual users with on-demand load testing for website and multi-step transactions.

Web Load / Stress Testing »

Web Servers & Services

Verify availability and performance of web services including HTTP, FTP, Email/Exchange, SOAP, APIs, DNS, SIP/VoIP and more.

Web Servers and Services »

About dotcom-monitor

dotcom-monitor provides a complete set of tools that enable you to build and maintain an amazing user experience.

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Application Performance Monitoring

From Our Global Monitoring Network

Trace the root cause of application performance failures no matter where the issues originate.

dotcom-monitor initiates from outside of your network so you receive alerts, reports and diagnostics that accurately reflect the performance your users see from whatever region of the world they connect.