To set up Dynamic Variables (Context Parameters) for the test, you will need to create the list of values in a CSV file and upload it to the test scenario.

You can upload values for the Context Parameters only if the parameters have been previously set up in the test.

You can create the CSV file with dynamic variables manually and upload it to the test or use a pre-configured LoadView template.

The CSV file should not exceed a file size of 3 MB.

To set up the dynamic variables with the template, on the Test Scenario page:

  1. Go to the Context Parameters section.
  2. Click Generate Template to create the list with the template.
  3. Open the downloaded Default.csv template file. The file contains columns with the names of the context parameters in the headers. Enter the set of values in the rows of the column and save the file. Values do not have to be unique.
  4. To add the list to the test scenario, go back to the Test Scenario page, the Context Parameters section, click Upload File, and upload the file.

To set up the range of the value rows to use in the test and the row use mode, see the Configuring Usage of Value Rows article of our Knowledge Base.