Static Proxy IPs Breakdown by Geo Zones

Find the list of IP addresses corresponding to each zone in the table below.

Note that we are using one main IP address and two backup IP addresses for every geo zone in the list. In the cases when there is not enough capacity to run your test from the Load Injector Server associated with the selected geo zone, we spin up one of the backup Load Injector Servers assigned to this zone. Please make sure to whitelist all IP addresses provided for the corresponding geo region for this purpose.

Geo Zone Static IP Addresses to whitelist
Azure Central US (Iowa)

Azure North Central US (Illinois)

Azure South Central US (Texas)

Azure West US (California)

Azure East US (Virginia)

Azure North Europe (Ireland)

Azure West Europe (Netherlands)

Azure France Central (Paris)

Azure Germany West Central (Frankfurt)

Azure Norway East (Oslo)

Azure Switzerland North (Zürich)

Azure UK South (London)

Azure UK West (Cardiff)

Azure Canada Central (Toronto)

Azure UAE North (Dubai)

Azure Canada East (Quebec)

Azure Brazil South (Sãu Paulo)

Azure Japan East (Tokyo)

Azure Australia East (New South Wales)

Azure Central India (Pune)

Azure East Asia (Hong Kong),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Amazon US East (N. Virginia)

Amazon US East (N. Ohio),,,,

Amazon US West (Oregon)

Amazon US West (N. California),,,,

Amazon Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

Amazon Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

Amazon Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Amazon Asia Pacific (Sydney)

Amazon Asia Pacific (Seoul)

Amazon Asia Pacific (Hong Kong),,,,,,,,,,

Amazon South America (São Paulo)

Amazon South Africa (Cape Town),,

Amazon EU (Ireland)

Amazon EU (London)

Amazon EU (Stockholm)

Amazon EU (Frankfurt)

Amazon EU (Paris)

Amazon EU (Milan),,,,,,,,

Amazon Canada Central (Montreal),,
Amazon Middle East (Bahrain),,
Free Trial US (Minnesota),

Full Static Proxy IPs List

To test from all available Public Proxy zones whitelist all IPs from the list below.

  • Full List

Whitelisting Static IPs for Device Validation and Calibration

To ensure load test accuracy and to calibrate the test payload Dotcom-Monitor performs device validation and calibration.
Validator and Calibrator services are run from the separate IPs that must be whitelisted if a resource for the load test is behind a firewall:



A Load Test can be started without both validation and/or calibration. Nevertheless, these steps are crucial for the test results and it is highly recommended to whitelist the provided IPs to exclude possible connected failures.

Whitelisting EveryStep Scripting Tool IP for Web Application Testing

Web application testing usually involves scripts created with EveryStep Scripting Tool. ES Scripting Tool is run by Dotcom-Monitor from the dedicated IP. Thus, to allow ES Scripting Tool to create a script for a web application load test, add the following IP to your firewall settings:

Whitelisting Static Proxy IPs on Free Trial 

Find a full list of static proxy IPs to whitelist on the Free Trial below.