Account Summary is embedded in an email message and delivers a daily comprehensive report on your account in an easy to review form. Account Summary provides you with an overview of the monitoring results and general account information.

How to Set Up

To set up the report, go to the Reports menu > Global Reports, and then select Account Summary as the Report Type. For details on configuring other report parameters, see Setting Up Global Reports.

Viewing Account Summary

Monitoring Results

The Monitoring Results section contains the number of devices and total device checks, error and alert statistics as well as the list of devices. The counts of checks and monitoring errors are provided for each device.

If the total count of devices in the account is more than 10, only the list of devices with errors will be presented in the report.

You can pull a device Online Report from within the summary email by clicking the device name in the list. Online Report will be opened in your account after successful login.

Account Information (for accounts with more than 10 devices)

The section contains a summary of device states, generated reports, the number of new and deleted devices. The number of user sign-ins is also presented in the section.

To go to your Dotcom-Monitor account from within the email, click Sign In.

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