The LoadView On-site Agent editor (Configure > LoadView On-site Agent) allows users to customize LoadView On-site Agent settings.

The following agent’s parameters are available:

  • Name – defines the LoadView On-site Agent name.
  • Optional: Description.
  • Optional: Allowed IPs. By default, all IPs are opened. You can specify the list of server IP addresses from which the on-site agent can send the load traffic to target resources within the network. If the IPs are specified in this field, on-site agents installed on the servers with non-listed IPs will be blocked.

Configuring Alerting

In the case, you run load tests using the on-site agent often and it is important for you to know if the agent is up and running, configure alert notifications on the agent unavailability issues.

LoadView On-site Agent is not accessible [X mins]

Specifies how long the system waits after detecting that the on-site agent is not accessible before sending an initial alert.

Send Alerts to Group (optional)

Specifies the notification group that will receive alerts about issues with the LoadView On-site Agent.

Alert frequency

Determines how often alerts are sent when the LoadView On-site Agent is in an alert state.