Performance dashboard can be easily customized to display the information you need to monitor. You can organize the dashboard tables by device configuration details and by performance metrics.

Default layout

Each platform is represented by a related widget. Data collected from all Monitoring Platforms and devices are displayed on the dashboard by default. Herewith, statistics for all monitoring locations are provided on the widgets. A widget header displays a monitoring platform name and a date of the last update as well as the indicators with the counts of devices with alerts, errors and “OK” statuses.   

To collapse/expand a widget, click the widget header.

Selecting platforms and packages to display 

To choose monitoring platforms and packages to be displayed on the dashboard widgets, click the screw icon on the top of the dashboard.

From within the pop-up window, you can choose platforms and packages to show/hide on the dashboard by selecting/deselecting the corresponding checkboxes. 

Customizing widgets layout

Widgets display device summaries and monitoring statistics per Monitoring Platforms. You can customize widgets to display monitoring details relevant to your current needs.

To edit a particular widget, click the related screw icon in the right top corner of the widget. From the Display Settings window, you can customize the widget layout (rows and columns) by navigating through the tabs and selecting the necessary options.

  • Selecting devices to display

  • Selecting monitoring locations

  • Selecting device status to display

  • Choosing locations to collect Average Response Time statistics

  • Selecting device configuration details to show

  • Selecting reporting period

  • Selecting time units

  • Selecting a data refresh mode

To reset a wizard layout to default, click Default Settings on the bottom of the Display Settings window.

Exporting and printing data

Information from a particular Monitoring Platform widget can be exported to CSV, Excel or copied to clipboard by clicking the corresponding button on the toolbar in the top of the widgets.   

To print data presented on a widget, click Print on the top toolbar.

Managing devices

To edit device settings from within Performance Dashboard interface, click the device name on the related widget.

To access a device actions menu, click the actions menu icon  next to the device name on the widget.  

You can add a new device from within Performance Dashboard by clicking Add device button on the top of the dashboard page.

Bulk Actions

To edit several devices at once, select the corresponding devices on a widget and click a necessary button appeared on the widget’s top toolbar.