Unique Image Matching Technology “Sees” Content – Including RIA’a

UserView RIA provides web page element-level performance and user experience monitoring of RIAs and add-ons. Its unique design enables you to match pixel coordinates ensuring the website “looks” as expected for an authentic user’s view of a website or application. You receive detailed analytics providing a clear understanding of web application issues to define improvements for meeting and exceeding your user experience requirements.

UserView RIA monitors web transactions and web application services as frequently as once per minute – ensuring that advanced applications on your website are consistently monitored for performance and user experience issues. UserView RIA monitoring uses a regular web browser providing real-world results just like a visitor to your website. Get full performance results from browser interactions including clicking on links, filling out forms, hovering over page elements, matching image pixel coordinates, submitting data, and much more.

Learn How Image Match Takes Web Application Monitoring to a Completely New Level

This tutorial for Flash and Silverlight applications shows how to record RIA script