The EveryStep Web Recorder by Dotcom-Monitor supports sending user-defined cookies, along with the test requests, to a target URL or domain. For example, you can add user-defined cookies to distinguish test script requests generated by Dotcom-Monitor from requests generated by real users.

You can set specific cookies for different hosts and domains.

To specify the custom information that you want to pass along in the cookies:

  1. Record the script with EveryStep Web Recorder.
  2. Right-click the line (step) in the Script Code section and from the context menu, select Network > Set Cookie.
  3. Specify an URL, name, and value on the editing pane, located to the left of the script code area. Please, see the full definition of the SetCookieForUrl method.

If the SetCookieForUrl method is used, the cookie with the provided name-value pair will be added to each request to the URL that is specified in the method settings.