The EveryStep Web Recorder by Dotcom-Monitor supports sending user-defined cookies, along with test requests, to a target URL or domain. For example, you can add user-defined cookies to distinguish test script requests generated by Dotcom-Monitor from requests generated by real users.

You can set specific cookies for different hosts and domains.

To specify custom information that you want to pass along in the cookies:

  1. Record the script with EveryStep Web Recorder.
  2. Right-click a line (step) in the Script Code section and from the editor context menu, select Network > Set Cookie.
  3. Specify an URL, name, and value on the editing pane, located to the left of the script code area. Please, see a full definition of the SetCookieForUrl method.

If the SetCookieForUrl method is used, the cookie with the provided name-value pair will be added to each request to the URL that is specified in the method settings. To filter out a specific cookie from requests to a specific URL, provide the following cookie value in the Value field of the Set Cookie method settings:


For example, the following code will filter out the cookie with the cookie_name name in all requests to

SetCookieForUrl ("", "cookie_name", null);

Make sure to include http://  into the URL address.


tab0.GoTo ("");
SetCookieForUrl ("", "cookie_name", "cookie_value");


tab0.GoTo ("");
SetCookieForUrl ("", "cookie_name", "cookie_value");