EveryStep Scripting Tool allows users to add any additional custom HTTP headers to all Dotcom-Monitor requests recorded in a monitoring script. For example, you may want to tag LoadView requests with a custom header for Application Performance Management purposes as described in LoadView and Dynatrace Integration.

To add a custom header to a script recorded with EveryStep Web Recorder:

  1. Record the script with EveryStep Web Recorder.
  2. Right-click the line (step) in the Script Code section and from the context menu, select Network > Set Request Header.
  3. Specify a key-value pair on the editing pane, located to the left of the script code area. Please, see the full definition of the SetRequestHeader method.
  4. Save changes.

If the SetRequestHeader method is used, the HTTP header will be added to every request sent while executing the script, regardless of the host or domain address.