Load Test pricing depends on the plan type. Plans differ according to the limits of virtual users (VU) used for a single test and the number of Virtual User Minutes (VUM) and Load Injector Hours (LI Hours) included in the plan.

Dotcom-Monitor offers the following plans:

  • On-Demand plan. The plan with the pay-as-you-go model has no limit on the size of the load test that can be run. Although, it does not include VUM and LI Hours. The price is calculated for each test run and depends on the test size and duration.
  • Starter, Professional and Advanced plans. These plans have a limit on the size of the test. They also have VUM and LI Hours included. VUM and LI Hours could be used to run load tests at no additional charge as long the limit of the test size is not exceeded and there are enough VUM and LI Hours required to run the test on the resource balance. If the test is beyond the plan limits or the resource balance run out of included VUM and LI Hours, on-demand pricing can be applied to the test.Virtual User Minutes and LI Hours are being added to the resource balance at the beginning of each month.

All unused resources rollover from one month to the next one and are accumulated as long as the subscription remains valid.

Once you have chosen Starter, Professional or Advanced plans, you will pay the monthly or annual price for the subscription.

The subscription price is a recurring charge for using the service, which varies depending on the plan type you choose. The subscription charge is non-refundable, but the plan can be upgraded at any time. In the case of an upgrade, a difference between an existing and a new one will be charged.

Check LoadView Subscription Plans here.