Load Test pricing depends on the plan type. Plans differ according to the limits of load testing resources: virtual users (VU) used for a single test and the number of Load Injector Minutes (LI Minutes) included in the plan.

Dotcom-Monitor offers the following plans:

  • On-Demand plan. The plan with the pay-as-you-go model has no limit on the size of the load test that can be run. The price is calculated for each test run and depends on the test size and duration.
  • Starter, Professional and Advanced plans. These plans have a limit on the size of the test. They also have LI Minutes included. LI Minutes could be used to run load tests at no additional charge as long the limit of the test size is not exceeded and there are enough LI Minutes required to run the test on the resource balance. Load testing resources are added to the resource balance at the beginning of each billing cycle. All unused resources roll over from one billing cycle to the next one and are accumulated as long as the subscription remains valid.
  • Enterprise plan for large-scale load tests. This annual subscription plan starts from 3000 LI Hours and includes an unlimited resource boost in the amount of 300 LI hours. Please see the LoadView Pricing for Enterprise Load Testing for more details.

Once you have chosen Starter, Professional, or Advanced plans, you will pay the monthly or annual price for the subscription.

The subscription price is a recurring charge for using the service, which varies depending on the plan type you choose. The subscription charge is non-refundable, but the plan can be upgraded or downgraded at any time.

In the case of an upgrade, a difference between an existing one and a new one will be charged and a resource difference between the packages will be added to your resource balance immediately.

If you downgrade your subscription plan, you will be charged and all unused resources will be voided at the beginning of the next billing cycle. At the same time, load testing resources will be added to your balance according to a new subscription plan. No refunds are available for the unused part of your plan.

Check LoadView Subscription Plans here.

For more questions on LoadView pricing, please see our LoadView Billing FAQ.

How To Calculate a Test Price

In order to calculate the preliminary costs for a load test, create a test, configure its scenario, and the cost, and the required test resources will be automatically calculated and displayed on the top of the right sidebar on the test scenario page.

Note that tests with a duration time of less than 5 minutes will be charged as 5-minute tests.

What To Do if You Run Out of Included Resources

By default, if a load test is beyond current subscription plan limits or the resource balance runs out of included LI Minutes before the end of your billing cycle, on-demand pricing will be applied to the test.

In the case you want to stay on subscription billing, you have several options to continue load testing.

First, you can upgrade your current LoadView subscription plan from your LoadView Account menu. We will upgrade your plan and add differences in resources between the packages to your resource balance immediately. A cost difference between the packages will be charged upon upgrade as well.

Alternatively, you can use a one-time Boost option to add resources in an amount equal to your monthly subscription. To add Boost to your package, under the Account tab, select Upgrade Subscriptions and click Boost in the Load Testing section. It will add the resources and charge the credit card provided for the account.

How to Run Tests Beyond the Subscription Limits

To run load tests that are beyond the resources provided by the LoadView subscription plans, you can opt for one-time On-Demand pricing option. This will allow you to run a test higher than subscription plan limits and pay as you go.

Simply start configuring your test as usual. Once you’ve configured the test scenario, you’ll be prompted to switch to on-demand pricing to run the current test. If you select the on-demand pricing option, you will be billed in USD amount instead of resources and your credit card will be charged on the test start. All subsequent tests which are within subscription plan limits will be charged in resources.

One-time switching to on-demand pricing does not affect the resources that are left on your resource balance. You will still be able to use the resources to run tests within your subscription plan limits.