To create a new monitoring device:

  1. From the left sidebar menu, select Devices.
  2. On the Device Manager page, click New Device.
  3. Select from the available options considering the monitoring type you need to perform.
  4. Enter a device name in the text box at the top of the device settings page. Use a descriptive name to help later identify this device amongst a list of other devices.
  5. Configure the device settings. Use recommendations given for UserView, BrowserView, WebView, ServerView, and MetricsView correspondingly and guidelines on monitoring locations, alerts, reports.
  6. Check the device summary.
  7. Click Create Device at the lower-right corner to save the device settings.

Creating Devices in Bulk

To create monitoring devices in bulk, choose the Bulk Import option that is provided for Web Page monitoring, HTTP/S, and PING/ICMP devices. Please see the details in the Bulk Import | Web Page monitoring, HTTP/S, and PING/ICMP devices article of the wiki.