Dotcom-Monitor allows you to create load tests and set up web performance monitoring that involves testing file upload or download speed and functionality. The file size limits that are supported by Dotcom-Monitor differ by the Dotcom-Monitor solution and the type of monitoring device or load test.

You can record file upload & download in our EveryStep Scripting Tool both for browser-based web application monitoring and load testing. Learn how to use the EveryStep Scripting Tool to do this from the File Upload Recording and File Download Recording articles of our Knowledge Base.

In the case of HTTP-based website load testing and web performance monitoring, only file download can be configured by using a download URL as a target URL.

Find the file upload & download limits in the table below.

Load Testing Monitoring
HTTP-based (only file download testing available) 200 MB 50 MB
Browser-based 100 MB 20 MB
Operation Timeout 5 min