Once you have created your Dotcom-Monitor account, you also receive free access to all monitoring solutions and activated monitoring services from all available monitoring locations (except Premium Locations). All types of reports and notification methods are supported, however, the only limitation is a limit of 5 SMS/phone alert notifications in total.

By default, Dotcom-Monitor subscribes you to the lowest-cost packages for the 10-days free trial period. However, you can upgrade any package without providing your credit card information up to the limits given in the table below.

Dotcom-Monitor Trial Limits
Monitoring Platform Tasks/Month Monitoring Frequency
UserView 20 * 15 min
BrowserView 20 5 min
WebView 50 1 min
ServerView 20 5 min
MetricsView 20 ** 5 min

*Within the UserView solution, a task is defined as a single “step” in a multiple-step monitoring sequence. For example, a 5-step online shopping cart monitoring script will include 5 tasks.

**One MetricsView Agent is available during your free trial period.

To upgrade a package and increase the number of tasks and frequency up to certain trial limits for a platform, you need to manage the corresponding monitoring package:

  1. Go to the account menu on the left-side menu bar and select Upgrade Subscriptions > Monitoring > Upgrade.
  2. Select a package to change its monitoring settings and click Manage.
  3. Select the number of available task and frequency in compliance with the related trial limitations (see the table above) and apply settings.
  4. Click Buy Subscriptions in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  5. If you upgrade within the trial limits, you will be provided with the Update Without Payment option. Select the option and confirm the update to apply the changes.

If your monitoring needs are beyond the free trial limits, contact your account manager to increase the limits or subscribe to one of our paid packages. See Pricing Matrixes for Monitoring Platforms.