From a Device Status Report Card, you can click on a device or site name in the list to view additional details.

The drill-down page will change depending upon which periods and aggregate options you have selected in the report setup.

If you chose to aggregate the data by both the percentage uptime and the average response time, the percent uptime will display on the left as both a green bar chart as well as a numerical percent. The average response time will display in the right-hand column as a decimal.

Each reporting period will be displayed as a distinct row and is clickable for the drill-down review.

Device Status Report Card Charts

Report card сharts display a visual representation of the performance of the selected device over different periods of time. There are three types of performance report card charts available:

  • Uptime
  • Device Average Response Time
  • Task Average Response Time

To open charts, click a necessary chart thumbnail on the bottom of the card.

The type of chart (Uptime or response time), as well as the periods displayed, can be changed by editing the Status Report Card.