Application Performance Monitoring Solutions

Complete end-to-end application performance monitoring solutions to track everything from front-end applications and web pages to infrastructure and server metrics. Uncover performance blind spots and maintain service level agreements to provide a best-in-class digital user experience.
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APM Monitoring

Monitor with Confidence: Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Full visibility into your applications, pages, services, and infrastructure from a single dashboard.
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Comprehensive Application Performance Monitoring

User Interaction & Web Transactions: Our UserView platform helps to scrutinize multi-step web transactions around the globe, ensuring performance, functionality, and accessibility.

Web Page Load Analysis: Leverage our BrowserView suite of APM tools to assess page load speeds at an element level across various browsers worldwide.

Infrastructure Health Checks: Utilize our ServerView toolset for a granular analysis of multiple internet service performances and functionalities.

Web Service Performance: Our WebView platform ensures your web services, including SOAP, REST, and JSON, run optimally by monitoring uptime, functionality, and performance.

Real Browser APM for Accurate Insights

Cross-platform Monitoring: Support for over 40 desktop/mobile browsers and devices, guaranteeing holistic application performance monitoring (APM).

Framework & Language Compatibility: Monitor applications built on a myriad of frameworks like HTML5, AJAX, Flash, Angular, Java, React, and more.

Internal Application Monitoring: Ensure performance for applications not accessible externally and those using external identity management.

Error-driven Video Recording: Capture videos during each monitoring session or only when discrepancies arise to understand and fix unwanted behavior within browsers.

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Web Page Monitoring for an Enhanced User Experience

Real-time Performance Insights: Monitor from real desktop and mobile browsers for true user experience insights.

Visual Error Tracking: Sync error screenshots with waterfall charts for precise diagnostics.

Adaptive Network Checks: See how pages fare under fluctuating network conditions from 2G to 4G.

Navigation Metrics: Keep track of specific metrics such as domain lookups, request/response times, and DOM events.

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Key APM Features

Explore the vast feature set Dotcom-Monitor brings to optimize your application performance!
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Global Monitoring Network:

Ensure unparalleled application accessibility and performance using our browser-based, tier-3 servers spread over six continents.

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Configurable Reporting:

Dive into real-time dashboards, in-depth waterfall charts, and metrics. Stay aligned with SLAs using detailed device performance tracking.

Holistic Application Insights:

Gain comprehensive visibility into your apps, services, pages, and underlying infrastructure from a unified dashboard.

Custom Alerts & Notifications:

Define alerts based on key metrics. Keep stakeholders informed in real-time, enabling rapid issue resolution.

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Unified Dashboard:

Seamlessly pinpoint bottlenecks using illustrative charts, real-time data, and shareable dashboards.

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Trusted by Businesses Around the World

Our customers rely on Dotcom-Monitor to ensure an exceptional experience for their users, helping to retain a high level of trust and loyalty. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that Dotcom-Monitor exceeds your expectations.

Expert APM Solutions for Businesses, Big and Small

Harness Dotcom-Monitor’s robust platform to ensure your applications deliver top-tier performance. With instantaneous alerts and an intuitive dashboard, achieve unparalleled user experiences and operational efficiency.
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Application Performance Monitoring (APM)—Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions about application performance monitoring (APM). If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

APM focuses on monitoring the performance and user experience of applications, whereas traditional monitoring typically concentrates on infrastructure health, like server uptime and network availability. Dotcom-Monitor’s APM solution provides insights into the actual user experience, helping businesses optimize application functionalities.

Optimal application performance directly impacts user experience and business outcomes. APM allows businesses to:

  • Identify and rectify performance bottlenecks quickly.
  • Ensure high availability and responsiveness of applications.
  • Understand user interactions and improve user satisfaction.
  • Make data-driven decisions for application optimization.
Real browser monitoring emulates genuine user interactions, providing insights into how applications behave in real-world scenarios. It enables businesses to understand and optimize performance across various devices, browsers, and locations, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Our global monitoring network ensures that applications deliver consistent performance to users worldwide. It helps businesses identify location-specific performance issues and optimize accordingly, ensuring a synchronous global user experience.

Yes, with support for various mobile browsers and devices, our APM solution can provide insights into mobile application performance, helping businesses deliver a seamless mobile experience.
Dotcom-Monitor’s APM solutions seamlessly integrate with various popular tools and platforms, enhancing your monitoring capabilities and ensuring a streamlined workflow. Whether you’re using collaboration tools, incident management platforms, or CI/CD pipelines, our APM solution can integrate to provide real-time alerts, share data, and enable automation. Some integrations include Slack, JIRA, PagerDuty, GitHub, Jenkins, and many more. The robust API further allows businesses to create custom integrations, ensuring that APM data can be used across all essential systems.
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