Dotcom-Monitor has the ability to playback a video recording of a website, or web application monitoring session.
The video record is synced with an interactive waterfall chart displaying details of the web pages’ code performance. It’s the fastest way available to diagnose web application errors minimizing downtime. You don’t have to guess about what to fix, or what website users are experiencing. The web operations team can simultaneously see the network data and a video of the user’s experience, so diagnosing the problem that users experience is faster.

A video file is created in these situations:

1. When a  Device is first created a video is recorded by each selected monitoring Agent location (aka “Agents”) during the Agents first session of monitoring.

2. A video is recorded when a Device changes State i.e. a video is recorded when a Device’s State changes from “Success” to “Fail”.

Filter settings are ignored so operations will be captured into a video on each state change from a monitoring agent location, but not more than once in 30-minutes from separate monitoring agent locations.


Figure 1 (below) shows three Agents monitoring a Device at a 5-min monitoring frequency (Figure 1). The first three video attachments are recorded when monitoring of the Device starts (R1, R2, R3 monitoring sessions’ responses). In total three video files are attached. Then, a change in State (Fail) occurs, so three new video files are added (R4, R5, R6 – “error” monitoring session response). Therefore,  the next Video will be attached on R7 and R8 monitoring sessions, based on another status change.

Figure 1.