To add or edit a schedule, on the left sidebar go to Manage, and select Schedules.

From the list of schedules, you can add a new schedule, edit or remove an existing schedule.

Removing a schedule will remove the schedule from all sites and notification groups this schedule is assigned to.

To add a new schedule, click the Create schedule button, and specify Name and Description (optional), then click Add. Choosing to add or edit a schedule will prompt you to adjust the schedule settings.

Scheduled intervals use the time zone you’ve selected in account settings (Account > General > Time Zone)

View a video walkthrough on editing a schedule or continue below to learn more.


Enter a descriptive name that you can easily identify later among a list of schedules.


You can enter a more detailed description to help identify exactly what this schedule includes.

Week Day Intervals

When you add day/time ranges to a schedule, they are listed under week day intervals.  You can delete existing ranges by clicking the delete button.

A new schedule automatically includes a default range from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. every day.

Add New Week Day Time Interval

Enter a time range in the “From and To” fields, specify days of the week by checking the box next to each day, and choose to enable or disable the schedule during the selected days and times.

You can add multiple day and time ranges to a single schedule.

Add New Exclude Time Interval

The exclude time interval allows you to enter specific dates and time ranges that you wish to exclude from the schedule.  For example, you may know the specific date and time range of scheduled maintenance and you want to apply that to the schedule so that alerts are not sent out during the maintenance period.

Assigned Devices

You can assign the schedule to existing devices in this section. Here, the system will execute monitoring of the devices in accordance with the configured schedule.

Only one schedule can be assigned to a monitoring device. Once you have assigned a new schedule to a device that already had another schedule assigned previously, the old schedule will be removed from the device configuration and substituted with the new one.