A Visual Traceroute provides visualization of the hops involved in one or more traceroute paths where an error was detected.

Each time an error is detected by a remote Dotcom-Monitor agent location, it automatically executes a traceroute from that remote monitoring agent location to the target of the monitoring.

We use maximum of 30 hops traceroute. Each green/yellow/red circle reflects single hop:

  • Green Circle illustrates a hop through which packets pass without losses.
  • Yellow Circle shows hop where packet losses were detected.
  • Red Circle means packets were unable to pass this hop. Red circles are connected with a dashed line.

Circle size depends on the number of packets transferred through the particular hop.

It is important to note that errors detected may or may not be related to the traceroute data.  Therefore, a Visual traceroute is an effective tool in helping you diagnose and troubleshoot issues by giving you a visualization of traffic performance at a glance. If you look at a traceroute and you do not see any yellow or red nodes, then it is very likely that your errors are not related to traffic routing issues.

If, however, you do notice red or yellow nodes, that does not necessarily indicate that the specific error you are troubleshooting is caused by traffic routing, but it points you in the proper direction to further drill down and identify the issues.