Applying a monitoring schedule to a device can automatically postpone device monitoring for a specified time period, or another way, enable monitoring for a specified period.

For example, if you have scheduled website maintenance every Saturday between 5 am and 8 am., you can create a schedule called “Sat. 5-8 am exclusion”, to postpone monitoring during that time period. Then you can assign that schedule to your monitoring device.

To assign a schedule to a device, on the Device Manager page, open a specific device to edit (a device action button  > Edit). Then, on the device settings page go to the Monitoring tab, and under the Monitoring Schedule section, select the specific schedule in the Schedule field. Use the save buttons at the bottom of the page to update the device settings.

Alternatively, you can assign a schedule to a device while configuring the schedule.

Only one schedule can be assigned to a monitoring device. Once you have assigned a new schedule to a device that already had another schedule assigned previously, the old schedule is removed from the device configuration and substituted with the new one.