Private Agents are remote monitoring agents that allow monitoring of web applications, websites, and network services behind a firewall when they are not accessible from outside the network. Private Agents can be deployed directly into a company’s network. These Private Agents do not replace the public monitoring agent locations that already exist but extend the reach of monitoring.

Note: Private Agents require an additional fee, so you must contact sales to enable private agents on your account.

Private Agents provide:

  • The ability to monitor services that are not directly connected to the Internet, such as local Intranet applications, database servers, internal routers, and virtual private network (VPN) connections.
  • More accurate and faster diagnostics of problems by monitoring the same services from both outside and within a network. Troubleshoot web server bottlenecks and performance issues by comparing site performance data from external monitoring agents positioned around the globe with data from an internal Private Agent located within the company. For example, compare performance statistics to see if an external network connectivity problem or a problem directly related to an internal web application is causing a loss in performance. Dotcom-Monitor supports this type of diagnostics with online access to multiple reports and charts that make it easy to perform data comparisons.
  • Management of internal Private Agents and external monitoring agents through a single, online interface. From this interface, all devices, alerts, and reporting can be managed.
  • Security is designed so that only you will ever see your Private Agent. Your Dotcom-Monitor account provides you exclusive access to your agents.

Setting up a Private Monitoring Agent