How to Create Devices and Targets

How It Works

A DNSBL task polls major domain name service (DNS) Blacklist (DNSBL) databases for an IP or a hostname you specify. If the IP or hostname is found in one of the DNSBL databases, an error will be flagged.

Creating a Target


Enter the server address to be monitored. This could be the URL or the IP address.

See also: Target Hostname or IP Address.

Time Validation Threshold (in seconds)

Enter the number of seconds the task should wait for a response from the web page before ending the task and returning an error. If this is left blank the default timeout for a task is 120 seconds.

Error Filter

You can set a filter to ignore specific error types and codes. In the Error Filter section, you can filter out certain user-configurable errors. For example, DNS errors could be filtered out based on who is responsible for DNS server operations. You can create filters that will ignore specific errors that you know may occur and are not relevant to the goal of a specific device.

In addition, you can set up the system to ignore a range of error codes using a dash, or multiple error codes using semicolons as a separator.

For example, if on one particular device, you do not care about 404 errors, you can filter them out so that you do not receive alerts when they are detected.

Note that if an error matches the filter conditions, the error will not be reflected on the reports and can’t be tracked down.