ServerView and WebView monitoring devices can represent a collection of several related monitoring targets (targets of internet infrastructure or web services monitoring) to be performed in sequence on a set schedule.

Unless targets are closely related, we recommend you create one target per device. This will ensure that each target runs independently and does not have to wait for a previous target to complete before it starts. This will also ensure that alerts are triggered in a timely manner.  If there are multiple targets in a device, all targets must be run before an alert will be triggered.

All monitoring targets within a device are included in the alerting and reporting communications, so that if any single target within a device errors, the alerts and reports will reflect the error. All targets inherit the monitoring settings from the device under which they were created.

To add a new target to an existed device, on the Device Manager page, on the device menu, select Add Target. Then set up the target settings in accordance with the device type.

Here are a few tips to manage targets within a device:

  • The easiest way to set up a few closely related HTTP(S) monitoring targets is to record them using the EveryStep Scripting Tool.
  • Generally, if you need to modify several it is recommended to clone an existing device and then make the necessary changes.

Device and target relationship

It is generally recommended that you only include one target per device. This allows you to set up and receive the most granular reports and alerts.

Monitoring targets grouped by the device are meant to be directly related targets such as individual page loads in a web transaction sequence.  If you have multiple targets and you wish to receive separate alerts or reports for each target then you must set them up under individual devices.

If one target in a device is reporting an error while another target in that device is reporting success, the device will be considered down unless you have applied a filter on the device to ignore the specific errors being reported.

If you wish to create multiple targets with similar device settings, you can clone a device (from within Device Manager) or a target (from within a device wizard).