The SLA report is an on-demand report where you can review the SLA status of a single device over a period that you specify.

A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a service provider and the customer that stipulates and commits the service provider to a required level of service.

Dotcom-Monitor is set-up to monitor and report on commitments service providers make to customers in SLAs.

SLA’s must contain several provisions, including:

  • A specified level of service.
  • Support options.
  • Enforcement or penalty provisions for services not provided.
  • A guaranteed level of system performance as it relates to downtime or uptime.
  • A specified level of customer support.
  • Specifications regarding what software or hardware will be provided and for what fee.

SLA is a special reporting group that provides you with a single, simple view of SLA performance over specified time intervals.

As a Dotcom-Monitor SLA customer, you can define in our web site monitoring system your SLA arrangement with your service provider. For example, you can specify that uptime for your web site for Monday through Friday between 9AM and 5PM is expected to be 99.98% and uptime between 5PM and 9AM should be 99.8% during weekdays and that uptime for weekends should be 99.5%. By entering the above parameters into our reporting tool, Dotcom-Monitor will produce daily, weekly and monthly summary monitoring reports showing the “when and why” if uptime is, or is not, met. These SLA reports can be used by both the customer, and the service provider.

For the customer SLA reporting creates benefits by:

  • Determining if a service provider meets expectations.
  • Providing real availability statistics to compare with the SLA.
  • Pinpointing to the service provider days and times when the SLA is not met.
  • Documenting when the SLA is not met in order to insure refunds based on the SLA contract.

For Service Providers SLA reports create benefits by:

  • Showing your customers that you care about their uptime.
  • Service Providers can provide SLA reports to customers to show that a third-party (Dotcom-Monitor) is determining if uptime is met, or if an SLA is exceeded.
  • Documentation proving actual uptime helps address disputes arising around the SLA, thus avoiding unnecessary charge backs.
  • Quickly identify the responsible parties if an SLA falls below an acceptable threshold.

If you have an SLA with your hosting company, you can count on our website monitoring and network monitoring services to provide the information to monitor and enforce the agreement.

You can configure SLA Report for a device under Reports > Email SLA Report or by selecting SLA from a device action menu.

SLA Reports may come in PDF and CSV format.

See also Configuring a SLA Report.