Delay is a programmed pause between steps in the monitoring script execution process.

After recording has been completed a delay can be added as a fine-tuning.

To add a delay to the script:

  1. Right-click the line (step), after which a delay should be added.
  2. Select Delay.
  3. Adjust the value and click OK.


We’ve recorded a simple 2-steps monitoring script for a Flash-based site:

First script playback tells there is an error – RIA Picture Validation tells there is no such image on a page.

The reason lays in drastically different load times even in one geo-region, so the Flash content of a page in our case took about a minute to load, while the script started to search for an image.
(By default image search time is limited to 50 seconds.)

To fix this issue, we need to add a delay after the first step.