Please open a support ticket to enable access to the Dotcom-Monitor API from your IP addresses.

The Dotcom-Monitor API gives you a simple and structured way to access the powerful monitoring and load testing capabilities of Dotcom-Monitor services.

Base URL

The Dotcom-Monitor API is served over HTTP/HTTPS.

All URIs referenced in the document have the following base:


All requests require preliminary authentication. Authentication expires after 60 seconds of inactivity.

API Authentication section will guide you through the authentication process.

MIME Types

The API uses JSON as a data format throughout the service, for both requests and responses.

An app must set the Content-Type HTTP header to “application/json” only if it’s sending JSON in the request body.


All read methods are HTTP/HTTPS GET requests.

All write methods are HTTP/HTTPS POST or PUT requests.


The Error Handling article contains a description of how errors are being reflected.

Using the API

  • API Overview section contains an approach overview.
  • LoadView Methods and Monitoring Methods sections contain lists of resources, descriptions of corresponding endpoints and methods including JSON object examples with detailed overview of the related parameters.
  • Code Examples section has well-commented code patterns that developers can build on.