The Dotcom-Monitor API gives you a simple and structured way to access the powerful monitoring and load testing capabilities of Dotcom-Monitor services.

Upon configuring a Web API Integration (Manage > Integrations > New Integration), you must enable access to data beyond your Dotcom-Monitor account via the Web API. Please visit How to Whitelist IPs for Web API Access for details.

Base URL

The Dotcom-Monitor API is served over HTTP/HTTPS.

All URIs referenced in the document have the following base:


All requests require preliminary authentication. Authentication expires after 60 seconds of inactivity.

API Authentication section will guide you through the authentication process.

You can enable access to the data of your  Dotcom-Monitor account via our Web API service either for all authenticated requests or for authenticated requests from trusted IP addresses only. See the How to Whitelist IPs for Web API Access article of our wiki.

MIME Types

The API uses JSON as a data format throughout the service, for both requests and responses.

An app must set the Content-Type HTTP header to “application/json” only if it’s sending JSON in the request body.


All read methods are HTTP/HTTPS GET requests.

All write methods are HTTP/HTTPS POST or PUT requests.


The Error Handling article contains a description of how errors are being reflected.

Using the API

  • API Overview section contains an approach overview.
  • LoadView Methods and Monitoring Methods sections contain lists of resources, descriptions of corresponding endpoints and methods including JSON object examples with detailed overview of the related parameters.
  • Code Examples section has well-commented code patterns that developers can build on.